Parenting Plans, Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing Schedules

Parenting plans can help minimize the difficulties of co-parenting.

Picture of sad child in foreground; fighting parents in background.

Parenting often presents the most difficult issues that our clients tackle. In most instances, children benefit from full access to and input from both of their parents. Children need to understand that their parents are not divorcing them and that they are not losing a parent. Parents must realize that their children’s lives will change in many ways that cannot be avoided. If parents focus on the best interest of the children, they can manage changes and minimize disruptions. Parents who can reduce conflict surrounding the children may be better able to guide their children toward healthy transitions to their new and different lives.

The attorneys at The Office of Linda A. Bailey work passionately toward solutions that help clients reach resolutions in the most professional manner possible.

At The Law Office of Linda A. Bailey, we are very familiar with many different types of parenting plans and parenting issues. We help clients negotiate specific or flexible time-sharing, shared or sole parental responsibility, liberal contact or supervised visitation and limited involvement by one parent.

Complex issues central to parenting often involve the mental health of the parents and/or children, alcohol and/or substance abuse, domestic violence, parental alienation, unusual or erratic job requirements and other significant dynamics particular to each family. We have extensive experience dealing with all of these issues. On some occasions, one or more outside professionals may consult with us and your family to complete evaluations or provide treatment to assist in creating a healthy home environment for children. We maintain relationships with experts who can provide resources to help you and your family.

Mental illness and substance abuse do not automatically eliminate a child’s right to contact a parent. We often work with clients to arrange accommodations that are necessary to protect children’s safety.

Inappropriate interference with another parent’s relationship with his or her children will negatively impact the interfering parent’s case with the court. When possible, we recommend that parents facilitate their co-parenting relationships with the best interests and safety of children as the primary benchmarks.

We can help you develop a parenting plan that fits the unique needs of your family and your children.

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